Saturday, November 20, 2010

Superbaby by Dr. Jenn Berman

Honestly, this book had me manically vacillating between overwhelmed, proud, and motivated. She expounds on 12 areas in which we affect our babies the most. Areas in which I felt overwhelmed: It's Easy Being Green (Reducing exposure to toxic chemicals), Babies without Borders (Foreign language), Food for Thought (Eating and Nutrition). Areas in which I felt proud: Talk the Talk (Respectful communication), You Got Me! (Responding to Cues), Tick-Tock (Creating security and predictability), Baby Got Book (Reading), Thinking Outside the Box (Screen Time). Areas in which I feel motivated: Let Your Fingers Do the Walking (The Importance of Touch), More Than Chitchat: Promoting language development), Talk to the Hand (Sign Language), A Different Kind of Toy Story ( The Importance of Play).


Emilee said...

I read a baby book called Nuture Shock. It was hard not to get discouraged about all the things I've done (and will continue to do) "wrong." But I also read in Freakonomics that our child's future is not determined so much by what we do, but who we innately already are even before they're born. Your child already has a lot going for her based on who her mother is.

Baby Daily Care said...

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